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Complete business protection


Protect from any threats

We will work with you to identify weaknesses or holes in your business systems and ensure you have the best security in place, with everything backed up on the cloud.


We offer WatchGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM) as our product of choice. WatchGuard offers total gateway protection so threats do not even reach your client PCs.

We approach security to your network in a multi-layered approach, this is the most effective way to cut down possible threats at every step towards your endpoints.

The WatchGuard Firebox/XTM systems will give your business the performance it needs without skimping on security.

Most exploits reach endpoints through spam. Viruses, malware and ransomware are embedded in attachments in spam.


A mail proxy configured on the device by our WatchGuard experts allows every single email that is sent to be examined. The spam blocker feature uses recognised patterns of spam to block or deny those messages from reaching your mail server. Furthermore, it’s capable of recognising and learning new patterns to prevent new methods of spam reaching you.

Reputation Enabled Defence is used to block emails from recognised senders of spam. Through these numerous rules, spam can be detected in any language, format, or encoding method. If the reputation of the sender is low, then the email will be scanned by the various antivirus features.

Virus Outbreak Detection detects and identifies email virus outbreaks worldwide within minutes using the reputable CYREN database that is even faster than signature-based antivirus.

Signature-based antivirus is the next step. Finally, Advanced Persistent Threat Blocker (APT) which uses a WatchGuard cloud-based service to execute the attachment in one of their systems to determine with total confidence if the file is an exploit or not.

Through WatchGuard, we also make use of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Gateway AntiVirus, Threat Detection and Response, and WebBlocker to further solidify your systems defences from the constantly evolving world of information security threats.


We offer services to businesses that require security reviews and systems reviews to ensure that they are compliant and that their systems are secure. - often done on an annual basis.

We also offer external advice to in-house IT staff to provide consultancy, project work and as a point of escalation for major issues.

Individual devices are the most commonly targeted - they are easiest to infect with viruses and malware, often without the user knowing. From here your company data can be stolen and movements can be tracked and recorded.

Therefore, it is essential to have adequate antivirus protection on all devices connected to the corporate network, along with other specific software that protects against malicious activity.

Our flexible endpoint management services include desktop management, antivirus, mobile device management, and application management,  including PC configuration lifecycle management (PCCLM) support and maintenance.


Understand & Protect

Understand where data is stored, how it is used & how to define security and privacy policies


Monitor transactions to enforce policies and capture a detailed audit trail


Detect database vulnerabilities and harden repositories

Prevention & Block

Prevent unauthorised database activities

Manage Data

Manage privileges and authenticate users to limit data access


Mask or redact sensitive data in documents & forms for software testing and commercial use to mitigate risk

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